Fabric Storage


I love to walk into my studio and see all of the beautiful fabrics on the shelves. However, I do not like to fold them and try to keep them neat and organized when they are folded.

I never seem to fold them the same size….so I decide to invest in some Polar Notions fabric boards. They are so easy to use and keep the fabric on display, neat and organized. I have gotten up to 10 yards on 1 board or as little as a yard. I have 100 of these boards and need to order 200-300 more at least, but I have a good start on creating the look I want.




Jenny Doan Fan Here…

I am a HUGE  fan of Jenny Doan’s quilting tutorials! She just has a way of explaining techniques, keeping things simple and easy to follow. Below I have added a link to one of her many video tutorials of a quadrefoil block with a nine patch as the secondary pattern. I think the pattern is beautiful! Check it out!

Quadrefoil Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company

A New Start

Starting out fresh with a brand new Blog

Moving In A Work in Progress Getting Organized

 When I moved my Studio to a new location, I thought it was a great time to move my blog too. I hadn’t kept the old blog up to date very well, so it was time for a new start.

I am looking forward to sharing my new Studio, quilting, embroidery and sewing projects with you. My love of fabric, textures and colors will hopefully be an inspiration to you.  Please follow me in my journey both in the Studio and my travels.